FRC Team 461

FRC Team 461, Westside Boiler Invasion, is from West Lafayette Junior/Senior High School in West Lafayette, Indiana and was founded in 1999. They are passionate about science and technology. By working together to accomplish tasks in such fields as technology and public relations, we excite other students and the community about the values of FIRST.

FRC Team 1646

FRC Team 1646, Precision Guessworks, is from Jefferson High School in Lafayette, Indiana and was founded in 2003. For more than a decade, 1646 has been inspiring students and their community.

FRC Team 1747

FRC Team 1747, Harrison Boiler Robotics, is from Harrison High School in West Lafayette, Indiana and was founded in 2005. They are dedicated to spreading the wonders of science and technology throughout their community and they encourage students to become involved in various FIRST programs.

FRC Team 4272

FRC Team 4272, Maverick Boiler Robotics, is from McCutcheon High School in Lafayette, Indiana and was founded in 2012. Students on the team promote their interests with a class offered by their school.

FTC Team 10133 - Machines of Mayhem

Machines of Mayhem, FTC 10133, was created in August of 2015 at New Community School, a school in Lafayette, Indiana. They are mentored by the students of another local FIRST Team, FRC 1747, local FRC mentors, and PFP's own mentors.

FTC Team 8272 - CC Sparks

CC Sparks, FTC 8272, is a team based out of Central Catholic High School in Lafayette, Indiana. They were formed in 2013, and Purdue FIRST Programs is excited to support their continued growth.

FLL Teams

Purdue FIRST Programs is proud to sponsor several FLL teams, listed below.

Team Name Team Number
The Younger Nerd Herd 4367
FIAT Bots 4369
RDP Gray 4370
RDP Pink 4371
Broncho Robotics 4373
Broncho Bytes 4374
Broncho Bots 4375
Broncho Bits 4377
East Tipp 1 8607
East Tipp 2 8608
BGMS Blockheads Gold 9953
BGMS Blockheads Black 9954
BGMS Blockheads 9955
WRMS - Black(Robo Huskies) 14162
FIAT Bots 2 31413

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